Reconstruction of Road I-9 Sunny Beach-Burgas from km 212 + 223 to km 217 + 000
Bratovo-West Regional Landfill: Farmyard, Temporary Waste Storage Building, Separation Building, Composting and Ready-Made Compost Buildings, Administrative Building, Local Wastewater Treatment Plant and Ecopark
Reconstruction of inter-block space in RLE I, block 22A, Zone B Meden Rudnik Quarter, Burgas and a service street
Construction of a network of bicycle lanes outside the route of the Stage I bus line in the area of the central city part and the adjacent districts of Burgas
Technical design and Construction (Engineering) for Project: Hemus Highway, section from km 78+500 to km 87+800
Lot 4 – Road II-29 Varna-Dobrich from km 20+394,73 to km 23+199,86 and from km 25+344 to 38+100,31 with a total length of 15,563 km, Varna and Dobrich Districts
Engineering – Design and Construction “Northern Speed Tangent from km 0+000 to km 16+540”
Reconstruction of the bridge over the Marash River on the road I-7 Shumen – Yambol – Granitovo – Lesovo at km 228 + 681
Repair and maintenance of street, road and sidewalks on the territory of Burgas Municipality
Engineering obstruction facility on the land part of the Bulgarian-Turkish border for the route of Burgas District
Reconstruction of Kraezerna Street, construction of Overpass of Freight Railway Station, connection with road junction at Odrin Street and Kraezerna Street, Burgas
Research, design and execution of works on crashed bridge over Ropotamo River at km 16 + 257 on road III-992 Veselie – Yasna Polyana
Rehabilitation of municipal roads connecting the villages of Bulgari and Kosti to the Tsarevo municipal center and the Republican road network through the II-99 border with Romania – Varna – Burgas – border with Turkey
Design and construction of the Karnobat Waste Transmission Station under a project: “Construction of a Regional Waste Management System in the Burgas Region”, funded under OP “Environment 2007-2013”
Construction of sub-projects at the Bratovo-West Regional Landfill and site infrastructure in land of Polski Izvor village, Kameno Municipality, Burgas District